About Us

Who is Prufrock Coffee?

Prufrock Coffee came about to satisfy our personal urge to make nice coffee and show people how delicious it can be. In early 2011 Prufrock launched The London Barista Resource , a barista training centre for Central London at 23-25 Leather Lane. Here we can at last meet the demand from customers, baristas and business owners for information, training and education. And of course, fantastic coffee.

Prufrock Directors are:

Gwilym Davies – 2009 Uk and World Barista Champion
Jeremy Challender- Songwriter, UKBC Sensory Judge
Klaus Kuhnke – Baker, Artisan Foods

Our Staff

You may know of our staff from outside the shop as they are an active bunch both within the coffee community and outside.

Tom Hopkinson – Leather Lane General Manager and former owner of I made it for you 

Baristas at Prufrock include:

Mattias Bjorklund – 2009 Swedish Barista Champion

William Brooks – song writer and drummer for the band Wow

Dave Regan – 2012 Irish Brewers Cup Champion

Andrew Leitch – Photographer and former manager of  the fantastic Cup Speciality in Brisbane

Others include:

Martin Kingdom – Amazing Illustrator responsible for the T3 bodywork Mural at Leather Lane

Dave King – of Shedkm who designed our lighting

Dean Edmonds – Designer of all our furniture and shelving

Edd Ezra – Colours consultant and artist

Get in Touch…

If you are interested in any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

General Enquiries: info@prufrockcoffee.com
London Barista Resource: training@prufrockcoffee.com
Telephone: +44 (0)207242 0467.

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