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A hands on fast paced two hour tasting, espresso, latte art and learning bonanza for groups from 6 to 20 people

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Team Building

At Prufrock we have a really nice big training suite we call the London Barista Resource. For a  light hearted group atmosphere we keep things hands on. It’s easy to tailor make classes to any length and we can get more or less technical as suits the occasion.


The first thing we usually set up for these kinds of events is a big contrasting cupping table (taste testing) to calibrate everyone to the many variations in roasting, processing, varieties and growing regions. This takes around 40mins.


After a brief reset, we get down to business on the espresso machines, getting everyone up to speed on how to make coffee with Prufrock’s recipes and how to texture milk nicely for performing good patterns and latte art; easier than you’d think and a very good thing to get people demystified about what we’re up to behind the big machines on our counters.


We generally create two-four stations depending on group size and rotate between the stations every 20-min with a little social interval between each rotation so the groups don’t lose touch.


We have two machines at either end of a Z shaped training bar. A great formula for large groups with 15-30 people is to have an espresso group, a latte art group and a sensory group. The sensory judges learn how to evaluate the drinks coming in from the espresso and the milk texturing group. Two rotations ensures everyone gets a go at each station.


The class should be very informative. Our head trainer is a Speciality Coffee Association of Europe certified sensory judge and a Specialty Coffee Association of America certified instructor.



Skill Level

To your level

Class Fee

£380 for the first six then £35 per additional guest


Prufrock Café & Training Centre
23-25 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7TE

All fees listed include VAT and materials.

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