SCAE Coffee Diploma

SCAE Brewing Intermediate

At this level we look deeper into technical brewing concepts of grind analysis, extraction yield and water chemistry.

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The SCAE Brewing Intermediate Course is designed to introduce the intermediate brewer into the core skills and equipment required to produce great brewed coffee, and to understanding how to chart different brew styles.

At this level in a two-full-days we look deeper into technical brewing concepts of grind analysis, extraction yield and water chemistry. We examine filtering material and make an indepth study of drip, immersion and pressurised brew methods.

Ideally candidates should hold a general understanding of brewing and grinding coffee for all brewing methods.


10 points towards SCAE Coffee Diploma
London Barista Resource Certificate

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Class Fee


SCAE Certification Fee

£103 (for members and non members)
This fee is not mandatory and can be deferred


Prufrock Café & Training Centre
23-25 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7TE

All fees listed include VAT and materials.

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