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J’aime London – Alain Ducasse
J'aime London by Alain Ducasse, published by Hardie Grant Books

~ 14-04-2014 ~

One of the founders of a new wave of coffee houses with an emphasis on the science behind the perfect cup. Highly trained baristas weigh out ingredients, regulate temperatures, and use ground-breaking brew methods to create some of London’s most delicious coffee.

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USAToday Travel – 10Best

~ 02-01-2014 ~

This is the mecca for coffee nerds from around the globe. The spacious, bright and bustling Leather Lane café is also home to the London Barista Resource and Training Centre with tons of equipment for coffee creation. The results are as perfect and professional as it gets in London.

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Scanorama – Seriously Hot Coffee

~ 01-12-2013 ~

Visit Prufrock for aeropress coffee or some serious barista training, including courses on “latte art” to make your cup look as good as it tastes.

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Observer Food Monthly – Christmas gifts for food lovers

~ 17-11-2013 ~

A training gift certificate from London coffee experts Prufrock – courses include “espresso theory” – would go down well.

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Financial Times – From Lantana to Prufrock: perfect coffee
Photo © Jake Green

~ 22-03-2013 ~

Prufrock in Clerkenwell… replete with glass tubes and minimalist furniture, resembles a wonderful 1990s arthouse-cinema vision of what the future was going to look like.

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MSN Food – The UK’s best coffee shops

~ 26-02-2013 ~

On the cutting edge is Prufrock Coffee… both a mecca of exceptional espresso and a showcase for some serious alternative-brewing gadgets and geekery. Downstairs is the brilliant London Barista Resource and Training where the resident rock star baristas swap skill sets and mere mortals get to broaden their knowledge base too.

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The Independent – The 50 Best coffee shops

~ 04-01-2013 ~

A place where all the insiders go and not only those from London… Coffee geeks from over the world come to this true altar of coffee in London’s Inner East.

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Evening Standard – 10 of the best: independent coffee shops

~ 14-11-2012 ~

With the news that Starbucks has paid no corporation tax in the UK over the past three years, and a wide range of suggested sabotage plans from protest groups, we thought it a good time to take a look at some of the alternatives…

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Weekend Notes – Top 10 London Coffee Shops

~ 09-10-2012 ~

The cup of coffee from this shop is supreme: rich coffee flavour, smoothly milky and a delicious taste as a whole.

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NBC News – London’s Coffee Culture Explodes

~ 08-08-2012 ~

…purveyors like Prufrock are happy that customers have moved onto the coffee itself.  “We’re finding a growth…in black coffee,” said Davies.  “And we’re exploring different farms, different varieties, different processing of the coffee bean and exploring the flavor essentially.”

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The Guardian – How to make the perfect espresso

~ 09-05-2012 ~

…the co-founder of London’s Prufrock cafe says that producing great espresso is “no more complicated than making bread”. Get a recipe, then adjust it until you hit upon the shot of your dreams.

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Evening Standard – London’s 50 best independent coffee shops

~ 03-05-2012 ~

Coffee’s golden boy Gwilym Davies is behind this venture. Espresso-based coffees are served in little illustrated paper cups and there is a tasting notes chart on the wall to help you describe what you’re drinking.

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The London Telegraph – Café culture comes to London

~ 24-01-2012 ~

Third is Prufrock Coffee, which must be the best named café in the country. Coffee’s answer to Heston Blumenthal, the man in charge is Gwilym Davies, who makes coffee with an extraordinary level of devotion, and also offers training to budding baristas.

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London’s 1000 most influential people 2011: Foodies

~ 07-11-2011 ~

Gwilym Davies
Beyond Kiwi contributions to London’s recent coffee revolution, Yorkshire-bred Davies, a former world barista champion, has done much to raise the quality of the capital’s coffee. His company Prufrock runs the London BRAT (Barista Resource and Training) alongside the eponymous café in Leather Lane.

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Time Out – 101 Best Things to do in London

~ 11-07-2011 ~

For truly groundbreaking brews, head to Prufrock, where halogen beam heaters and Japanese pour-over filters are used to create some of the best-tasting coffees in the city.

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London Metro – Coffee bean fiends meet a new blend-setter and his debut shop, Prufrock

~ 04-04-2011 ~

Yorkshireman Gwilym Davies, one of the undisputed pioneers of coffee worldwide, is doing wild things at his debut shop, Prufrock, in Clerkenwell. Here’s a warm welcome to the new best place to get a hit.

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MyVillage – An Interview with Gwilym Davies

~ 15-03-2011 ~

I used to spend a lot of time seeking out good coffee and rarely got it. London has changed, coffee has got much better and I no longer just want a lovely coffee, I want good service. When not making coffee I am usually found at Browns of Brockley, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs or St Ali.

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Time Out Review: Prufrock at Leather Lane

~ 14-03-2011 ~

…even given the recent growth of independent roasteries, boutique coffee shops and dedicated professional baristas, the new Prufrock Coffee has raised the bar once again…

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Option C Café Review: Prufrock at Leather Lane

~ 21-02-2011 ~

I have been a fan of Prufrock at Present for some time… every single drink I have ever had from there has been of great quality: each barista who works there is constantly driving for the best drink that they can produce and they are always happy to make time for light hearted, or more profound coffee conversation.  Admirable stuff.

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Delicious Magazine – The capital’s top coffee haunts

~ 04-01-2011 ~

Coffee-making as a competitive sport? You’d better believe it, and the brains behind Prufrock Coffee is none other than Gwilym Davies, World Barista Champion 2009. Davies is at the forefront of coffee’s ‘Third Wave’ – a movement to raise awareness of coffee as a hand-made product, focusing as much on provenance as wine-making does – and he brews a damn fine cup.

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Evening Standard – Stripped-down coffee shop just sells small, medium or large

~ 20-10-2010 ~

One of London’s most highly regarded coffee shops has abandoned its entire menu and introduced a simpler one… Instead of asking for a flat white, skinny latte or cappuccino, customers will now choose between three cup sizes.

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The Evening Standard – London’s 1000 Most Influential People 2009

~ 10-11-2009 ~

Our very own Gwilym Davies was named by the Evening Standard as one of London’s 1000 Most Influential People 2009. Included on the ‘Foodies‘ list, this is what they had to say about Gwilym:

Davies has been crowned the “world’s best barista” for the coffee that he brews up at his market stall in the Barbican. Raised in Yorkshire, lives on a canalboat and likes to wear fine tweeds and a signature flat cap.

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Evening Standard – Chain is stuck between McDonald’s and the artisan café

~ 23-09-2009 ~

“…We are putting out a product that is really good for a price that is the same or below Starbucks. So we’re getting busier and busier while they’re not faring so well….”

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