Answering a need for cleaner coffee and advancing of existing techniques.

#autosteamchallenge Rules and Regs.

Win an Oracle machine valued at £1600 at the latte art throw-down to be held at Prufrock in July!

Luddite vs Autosteam

Ask a barista what they think speciality coffee means and you will get a massive range of answers. I can promise you the one thing none of them will mention is speed.

Prufrock comes to Johan and Nyström

Hello Baristas, we are holding an special intensive SCAE brewing class at Johan & Nystöm's concept store in central Stockholm!

The Coffee Abacus

A short play about coffee quality, customers and communication.

The Test Roast Solubility Quality Check

Until recently at Prufrock we cupped for fun, but now we cup to find out what’s going on with you Roasters!

The Single-shot Cartel

Strength, price and the perfect coffee.


Getting rid of the quakers and chips and all manner of secondary defects in our coffee. How can we do it more efficiently?

Staff Mail-Around Mayday

Just a note on the modified espresso recipe... also note the new clump crusher flaps on the Mythos.


Training for the UK Brewer’s Cup

Primitive Scales and Advanced Grooming

A new work flow developed to balance precision with sustainability.

The short history of bitterness, acidity and sweetness

I was invited to Brno in the Czech Rep. for the launch of Industra Coffee and there was a day of speeches, workshops and BMX and Calligraphy. Here is a summary of the speech I gave.

What would I do if I was competing in the barista competition this year? Part 3

Part 3: Choosing a coffee, choosing a grinder.

What would I do if I was competing in the Barista Competition this year? Part 2

Part 2: Rinsing the score sheet.

What would I do if I was competing in the Barista Competition this year? Part 1

Part 1: Past masters and dealing with judges.

Brewing’s Third Species

Don't buy a machine. Be a machine!

The Kaminsky Report

Progress in action report from Ben Kaminsky’s Coffee Shots work shop.

Staff Mail-Around

Just making sure we are all on the same page of the Dialing-in Journal.

Aeropress at Prufrock: Perfect Paul Method, a film.

Letter to a tamper man

The tamp should be able to withstand frequent un-screwings. A barista will surely play with his/her tamper.

Dialling-In Journal

Record scores, weights and measures and brew water information. Speed up the process of designing a recipe and identify which recipe is your overall favourite.

Smells and Solutions

The bouquet of coffee: fragrance, aroma, nose, and after-taste.

Syphon Brewing

Jeremy demonstrates how to prepare and brew a Syphon filtered coffee.

Cold Brew

As it is summer we thought you might like to hear about our thoughts on cold brew...

Prufrock wins @ European Coffee Awards

Last night Prufrock took home the award for Best Independent Coffee Shop in Europe at the European Coffee Awards. We are very proud and happy!