Welcome to Prufrock‘s

Coffee Training Program


We have a new website for our Barista Training Centre: www.prufrockconsulting.com

If you head to our new website you can read more about our coffee classes, book a barista course and also find information about our training team.

Additional Courses

In addition to our SCA courses we also offer super fun, hands on workshops and  bespoke coffee classes. Book your very own barista training class for yourself, a few friends, or for your whole team. Depending on your knowledge, budget and what you hope to achieve, we will tailor the training and content to suit your needs. Latte Art Workshop, sensory class or a practice session – it’s your choice. Just drop us a line if you want to discuss any particular needs or topic areas you would like us to address during the class.

How to Book

To book any of these classes, please head to our new Training Centre website: www.prufrockconsulting.com

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone:


+44 (0)207 242 0467

We also offer Gift Cards.