SCA Coffee Skills Programme

SCA Introduction to Coffee

A fun half-day course that introduces the novice to all the key concepts in Speciality Coffee.

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If you’re thinking about a career change, are a coffee enthusiast or are just interested to learn more about the journey from Farm to Cup, this is the place to start.

Based on the SCA Modules of Green Coffee, Sensory, Roasting, Brewing and Barista, you will learn about:

  • the way harvest, process and roast affect flavour
  • how to taste like a professional
  • hand brewing and extraction theory
  • espresso technique

You can attend this course purely for enjoyment, but it has very often been the doorway into a career in coffee – the variety of topics covered makes it a great way to get an overview of the different pathways that you might follow.

The course is globally accredited via the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) – if you take the optional SCA Certified Exam (£55), you earn 10 points towards your SCA Coffee Skills Programme.

SCA Introduction to Coffee is a half-day class, running from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. Please allow an additional hour if you choose to take the SCA Certified Exam.

Skill Level


Class Fee


SCA Certification Fee

£55 (for members)
£55 (for non-members)
This fee is not mandatory and can be deferred


Prufrock Café & Training Centre
23-25 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7TE

All fees listed include VAT and materials.

How to Book

To book this class, please head to our new Training Centre website: If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone:  •    +44 (0)207 242 0467