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Prufrock comes to Johan and Nyström

Hello Baristas, we are holding an special intensive SCAE brewing class at Johan & Nystöm's concept store in central Stockholm!

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The Johan & Nyström concept store.

Hello Baristas,

We are holding an intensive brewing class at Johan & Nystöm’s concept store in central Stockholm. We will cover SCAE Foundation and Intermediate in two days, then go on to a third day for those who want to go on to do Professional level.

You can choose to do just the Foundation/Intermediate training, or add the third day to do professional level at the same time. You can also choose to be certified for any of the levels as part of the course – certification is optional.

I will be running will be running the courses from the 11th-13th of June to offer three days of SCAE Brewing courses. (Nice chance to avoid paying the VAT baristas.)

The course will include Intermediate and Professional level modules and will address rudiments from the foundation module and give delegates an opportunity to certify at all three levels to complete the Brewing module in a big three day programme.

The world Brewer’s Cup is coming to Sweden this year so to celebrate this wonderful event happening in Gothenberg between the 16-18th, the course will place particular emphasis on how to structure competition routines, and how the scoring criteria works on the world stage. Anyone competing this year might check out the training regimen we call coffee conkers. And of course we will be emphasising the need for revisiting the Re-processing concept.

I’m coaching the reigning UK champion Gordon Howell in his bid to become the 2015 WBrC Champion and I can tell you he’s doing something pretty incredible with a Thermos.

Follow this link if you are interested in attending.

Thanks to our dear friends at J&N for hosting the event.

We hope you can make it along.
All the very best,

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